Meet Sam Evans – our Engineering Director

Hi, I am Sam Evans and I am the Engineering Director on the Skymaster 56498.

I have been involved with aviation for over 45 years.

I started off as an airframe mechanic in the RAF employed on Phantoms, Vulcans and Victors in Wales and Norfolk.

I was then promoted to airframe technician and following a short spell bay servicing Tristar and VC10 components I escaped to Germany to work on Harriers.

After leaving the Air Force is 1993 I have worked throughout Britain and Europe as a contract mechanic/technician employed on most things from Tiger Moths to Jumbo Jets, the highlight of my career so far was from 2009 until 2017 when I was employed as the airframe technician for the Vulcan to the Sky Trust.

I have been the engineering director for the C54 Skymaster Society since 2017 and  have used my vast experience to come up with a plan for the next bit of progress towards a return to flight, when I first looked at the aircraft it had not even moved for years, we now have three engines that run and are close to being able to taxi.