Pratt and Whitney have adopted a “hands-off” approach to the support of reciprocating radial engines.  We have talked to Anderson Aeromotive who overhaul these engines in the United States.  They have set the time between overhaul at 1500 hours.  The engine condition is monitored through oil consumption, once oil consumption rises above a maximum amount the engine is in need of attention.  A lot of investigation and rectification can be carried out “on the wing” and the intention is to carry on this philosophy during operations.  Because these engines have not flown in more than twelve years they will need to be dismantled and a thorough inspection carried out by an authorized repair organization.

Historically the engines have run very well with anti-deterioration runs being carried out until recently.  In March 1976 FAA STC was raised to replace R-2000-4 with R-2000-6 engines this modification has been carried out in the number 2 position and it is possible to modify the remaining engines to this standard.  There is a spare engine in the fuselage which may be used as a source of spares or possibly overhauled and returned to service.  We have purchased an additional low time (50 hrs since overhaul) engine.  A plan for the examination of the four installed engines and the spare engine has been prepared by Weald Aviation Ltd.