Engineering Graduates.

It is clearly stated that almost two-thirds of final year students feel negative about their future careers. The majority reported that they are lacking in motivation and feel disconnected from Employers. But, with your support, ‘Save the Skymaster’ can help – we can offer hands-on practical training covering relevant aspects of aviation engineering. The student will have the opportunity to be taught in multiple fields including electronics, mechanics, and metalwork developing their knowledge and understanding within the aerospace industry thereby increasing employability long term. The structure and programme for the graduates will be set out and designed in line with the engineering director to cover and incorporate relevant aspects of engineering.

This programme will be incorporated into the curriculum for the Diploma Engineering courses of various colleges and each student will not only work closely with a professional Engineer, or one of the esteemed Veterans but also integrate within the valued team.

Proposed syllabus for Members & Supporters Engineering Training Courses. 

Another fantastic opportunity to work alongside other Educational Academies & Stansted Airport College, together with our engineers to teach valuable skills to our younger generation and those enthusiasts and members who would like to learn the skills to keep these old aircraft flying. 

The Chief Engineer is FAA Airframe Inspector, Reginald Vincent.  He is responsible for the continued airworthiness of the C54 Skymaster. He will guide a team of engineers, assisted by volunteers from the C54 Skymaster society, educational establishments, and youth organisations such as Air Cadets and Scouts.  The aircraft will be maintained and certified in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements in line with current F.A.A. regulations.

The project is supported by U.K. C.A.A. and F.A.A. approved maintenance organisations. 

We aim to focus on STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math to provide courses and apprenticeships with the support of education academies. We hope to secure funding from grants and other means to ensure continued operations of the aircraft into the future with our younger generation taking ownership of its future.