Who We Are & Why We’re Doing it.

To preserve, protect and conserve C-54 Skymaster 56498 and to restore her to working order for the public benefit, and to demonstrate and display her to the public:

  • To advance the education of and inspire the current and future generations in aviation and engineering heritage, the significance of air transport in WWII, the Pacific Theatre, Korean and Vietnam conflicts and the Berlin Airlift, and civilian applications for humanitarian relief.
  • To advance the education of the current and future generations in design, engineering technologies, operation and maintenance processes and procedures, technical knowledge, and procedures by providing access to engineering demonstrations, practical activities and engineering apprenticeships.
  • Also, to equip and train Veterans who find themselves isolated and vulnerable by encouraging their participation in the restoration of the Skymaster. In this way, the C-54 Skymaster is living up to it’s legacy of bringing hope and relief going forward.