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Our mission: Help return this historic Wartime aeroplane to the skies where she belongs!

The Save the Skymaster fund is not just about restoring an iconic aeroplane to her former glory. It is about so much more. It is about empowering Veterans to have a purpose with dignity being restored by working towards a common goal. It is about empowering Engineering graduates to complete their studies in a real and tangible way. If one reads the history one can clearly see that the Douglas C-54 Skymaster has always represented hope and relief to the vulnerable and we want to perpetuate this legacy ultimately by restoring hope for the future and purpose to those who have lost their way, especially in the despair that is so prevalent during the 2020 COVID Pandemic.


C-54 Skymaster is synonymous with bring help and relief, with a rich history of achieving just this. We want this to be perpetuated and so offer all Veterans the opportunity to come and work side by side with our esteemed Engineers and in so doing, become better equipped to enter the work place.


Due to COVID, many Engineering graduates have been unable to do their internships. Save the Skymaster is stepping in and providing crucial practical on the job training, linking up with various well-known colleges.


From Avionics to Hydraulics the project at hand offers massive learning opportunities. Opportunities that will empower and equip young people both Veterans and Engineering graduates to go forward in life with confidence.

The aim is to raise funds for the restoration of the C 54 Skymaster and in so doing, help others.

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Calling out to Veterans

Save the Skymaster is calling out to veterans in the North Weald, Essex area to come and experience a life-changing experience. We are offering an introduction to Aviation engineering with direct access to a Skymaster – a workhorse that…
Veterans' Foundation

Veterans’ Foundation

In October, we are planning to run a course for veterans, giving them the unique opportunity of working and indeed learning Aviation engineering on the last remaining Skymaster in Europe!